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Date:  Sep 29, 2004  [updated Dec 26, 2011]
Subject:  Re: Eruv is up; Candles 6:23pm - What is the "real" candle lighting time?
I was asked why there is a 3 minute disparity for candle lighting time for the various shul announcements.
Here is what I think the answer is -
Most shuls use 18 minutes prior to shkia (sunset) for candle lighting. Sunset today in the center of Teaneck is 6:41pm. So candle lighting is 6:23pm. This is the time you will see in most of the shul announcements, the eruv announcement, and the time on the charts at 
Bnai Yeshurun, however, always uses a candle lighting time of 20 minutes before shkia. So they have candles listed at 6:21pm for tonight. Hence the 2 minute disparity.
Beth Abraham uses 18 minutes for candles, but their shkia is often a minute different than the Teaneck shuls. They use charts based on the CENTER of Bergenfield.  So they have candle lighting at 6:24pm.  The Teaneck shuls and use CENTER of Teaneck charts.  Hence the 1 minute disparity.