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Subject: Experience with Whole Home Warranties or PSE&G Worryfree warranty.

Summary of responses, re: Experience with Whole Home Warranties or PSE&G Worryfree warranty.

Thanks to all of you that responded. Here is the synopsis:
* A caveat for all companies under consideration:
* Appliance to be serviced can not be under the original manufacturer's warranty.

* 4 people were not impressed with American Home Shield (the leader in whole home warranties) or its competitors. Technician quality was shoddy (or at best variable), appointments were not timely, and most importantly, excuses were found to not cover the repair or to dodge the replacement of the appliance, or there were additional hidden costs (removal, additional plumbing...). A few people mentioned being dropped after "too many" service calls in a year. One person was pleased with A.H.S., and indicated that they replaced their cooling unit for only the service charge, with no problem.

* 10 people were enthusiastic about PSE&G Worryfree. Caveat: they do not cover replacement, only repair, and they decide when an appliance needs replacement. A small percentage reported is diagnosis of problems, but they do return until the problem is fixed, and offer $25 if not fixed first time. They also offer a complimentary central cooling recharge (of coolant - the first pound) during the cooling season, which alone is a good value! Most people said Worryfree is a good value (which paid for itself) or "no brainer." The technicians are knowledgeable and friendly, for the most part. Some people mentioned having to wait quite a few days for appointments, or getting a bit of a runaround trying to schedule the appointment, and one person mentioned that they will not enter an attic to fix cooling units... but most said it was good and responsive. One person did note that PSE&G tried to wiggle their way from doing the repair, based on the fine print. Also, PSE&G is regulated by the Board Of Public Utilities, so they can serve as an escalation point.

* 1 person recommended the Leakguard service from United Water, for both indoor and outdoor plumbing/sewer/water pipe problems, having saved them $Ts.

* 1 person suggested forgoing warranties such as these, and self insure by putting the cost of the warranty into a savings account that could be tapped whenever repairs arise.

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Subject: Experience with Whole Home Warranties or PSE&G Worryfree warranty.

Do you have experience with whole home warranties (such as A.H.S. - American Home Shield) or the PSE&G's Worryfree service? If you don't mind, can you email me some quick pros and cons of your service, based on your experience? I am considering those two options, and would be most grateful to hear your experiences.