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From bethabraham@y..
*At (audio recordings of shiurim in Teaneck vicinity) we are trying to make your web experience easier. If there is a Rav that you enjoy listening to we have created links that take you right to his Shiurim [e.g.],,, ... See also,,,,, 718-436-3846 (torahphone) and 718-906-6400 (kol halashon).

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From: "sh00" <seidman@u...>
Date: Wed Mar 5, 2003 10:27 am
Subject: Torah Tape Library Information

Thanks to all who responded to my previous post. Here is the information I received:

1. Bnai Yeshurun has a tape library, open Sundays after the 8:30 minyan, from about 9:15-10:30. For info call Dorrie Witkes or Rabbi Pruzansky (201 836 8916).

2. Arzei Darom just started a tape library, and it is open Sundays after the 8:45 minyan.

3. The Yeshiva Gedolah is said to have a tape library.

4. The Chabad house is said to have one and may be looking for volunteers to help organize it.

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[ See also Torah Audio sites at ]

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From: crshulman@a..
Date: Mon Sep 8, 2003 10:47 pm
Subject: TorahPhone (for Teaneck)

TorahPhone (dial-a-shiur & dial-a-daf) didn't make much sense for Teaneck in the past, b/c there was no local tel. #. But if you have MCI Neighborhood or Verizon Freedom or some other unlimited long distance plan, it may now make sense to subscribe to TorahPhone (dial- a-shiur & dial-a-daf). Also, TorahPhone repriced their service so that it's $8 for both services.

For more details, see the first 3 pages of their brochure at
or check out sample shiurim at 718-436-3846, or call during business hours at 718-436-4999 for more info.

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.....Daf Yomi ....

Dial-a-Daf and CD-Daf
Torah Communications Network
1618 43rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11204, 718-436-4999.
HaDaf HaYomi
Learn the Daf Online
Kol Avrohom

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From stevenstein99@h..
There is a growing (free) tape library at the Yeshiva Gedolah of Teaneck which is open to the whole community. Speakers include Rabbis Avigdor Miller, Yissocher Frand, Berel Wein, Paysach Krohn, Ezriel Tauber, Moshe Meir Weiss, as well as many from the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, and many daf yomi mesechtos available. We are looking for people to borrow as well as people to donate (or just lend) tapes. See Steven Stein <stevenstein99@h..> for details.

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See also   (5/12/05)

A few favorite online daf yomi resources - (Scan of Vilna Shas) (Video daf in Hebrew and in English) (Rabbi Dovid Grossman audio in English) (audio English and printed shiurim in Hebrew & English)

Dial-a-Daf (Torah Communications Network)

DVDShas (Dial-a-Daf audio on DVD) - available at Judaica Press or Davka

DVDaf (Computer program w/ clickable dial-a-daf, chavrusa etc.) - available at bookstores or on Internet at Judaica Press or Davka

Preloaded iPods with Daf Yomi -
Shaspod iPod ($400 - Rabbi Grossman's 40 min. shiurim)
iPod ($500 - Dial-a-daf's 60 min. shiurim) available at Judaica Press or Davka
Dafnomad Creative Nomad Zen Xtra ($400 - Dial-a-daf - has speed playback) at
Judaica Press

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From: CRShulman@a..
Date: May/31/2005
Subj: mp3 players for daf or other shiurim

For those interested in buying mp3 players for shiurim, note that two players that I know of now have speed playback so you can listen to shiurim and different speeds (ipods and most other mp3 players don't yet have this capability).

1. iRiver ifp flash players ( ), provided you upgrade w/ latest UMS firmware on their website.

Zen xtra ( )

See also for a listing of places to get the daf in mp3 such as DVDShas (or preloaded mp3 players w/ daf).

See also &
for mp3 shiurim generally.

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