From: cshulman []
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 6:49 AM
To: TS
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Re teaneckshuls Tehillim list

Naomi Klamen has agreed to take over the teaneckshuls Tehillim list from Renee Schneier. Again, much thanks to Renee for the excellent job she did organizing the tehillim list.

If you would like Naomi to add or change a name on the Tehillim list (which goes out to teaneckshuls approximately once a week), send her an email at . If you forget the email address, it is listed on the home page. Also, you would need to continually update Naomi every month or so for the name to remain on the list.

Also, unless there is some immediate emergency that can't wait for the update or there is some reason you need to communicate directly with the group, please send tehillim requests through Naomi instead of directly on teaneckshuls, in order to make it easier for those saying Tehillim that they won't need to collect numerous emails.


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