Shatnez Testing in Teaneck Area

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From: KEYtfilla@a..
Date: Thu Jun 17, 2004
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] List of places that check for Shatnez

Below are the places that people sent me in reply to my request for locations that check for Shatnez. Many people thought Rabbi Teicher, the sofer on cedar lane, still took clothes for checking, but he told me today he no longer does that. Nor does Sterling Cleaners.
As far as the rest of the list below, the only one I verified was Judaic House, the rest you can check out on your own.
Sharon First

List of places that check for Shatnez

Judaica House
478 Cedar Lane
accepts clothes for checking every day
Dr. Mark Apfel
835 Winthrop Rd
Donation to charity
Aryeh Morris
Tests through the Shatnez lab in Williamsburg.
201 833-9948
My name is Yaakov Geffner and I just moved to Bergenfield.
I check for Shatnes and have been working for the Shatnes Laboraty of Mitzvas in Williamsburg for 5 yrs. I can be reached at 201-385-4596 or 917-607-7404. I hope to talk to you soon.
Marcia Kaplan on Trafalgar in Teaneck.
Sunday mornings at Ahavath Torah (240 Broad Ave, Englewood), someone comes to check. Usually after the late am minyan (ending at about 9:30) Use the back door and someone should be able to direct you...or call the shul office weekdays/9-5 201-568-1315
in Englewood
Yeshiva Ohr Hatalmud
101 W. Forest Ave, Englewood
201 816-1800
I had my suit tested at K& G call and ask if they test "outside" items.
(items not sold in the store)

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