Subj: [TeaneckShuls] Kosher Symbola - A good resource
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 2:40:02 PM
From: joseph@f..

Hello All,
I saw a query about a kashrut symbol [KSA, by the way, is reliable], and
wanted to share a very good kashrut resource with you. Rabbi Eidlitz, in Los
Angeles, has a website
( which lists
reliable hashgachot. Many of them are being seen in greater numbers in
stores, as products from around the country show up in increasing numbers on
our grocery store shelves.
His site is also a great resource when Pesach rolls around, with
annually-updated information on Passover products.
Good eating!
Yossi Faber


[In addition to
see also,

Not all kashrut agencies are necessarily reliable.  Check with your rav.]