From: "asweifach" <AlanS@uja... >
Date: Wed Dec 3, 2003 12:54 pm
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Jewish Community Demographic Information

There was recently a posting regarding whether or not anyone knows
what the percentage of the Town of Teaneck is Jewish. The answer is
a resounding "YES." UJA Federation of Bergen County and North Hudson
commissioned a Demographic Study, with results published last year,
of our entire Jewish Community. Among the areas covered in the 800
page Main Report and 100 page Executive Summary are Demographic
Profile, Geographic Profile, Religious Profile, Membership Profile,
Jewish Education, Jewish Agencies, Social Service Needs, Israel, Anti
Semitism, Philanthropic Attitudes and Behaviors and Political
Profile. Both reports, as well as other information related to the
study are available upon request on a CD-ROM (user friendly) and will
be made available on our website
shortly. For information about the Study, or about our Jewish
Community or if you would like to request a CD-ROM, please contact me.

Alan Sweifach

Director of Allocation & Grant Development
UJA Federation of Bergen County & North Hudson


The answer to the original question is: 37% of the individuals
living in Teaneck are Jewish. There are 15,089 individuals living in
4,686 Jewish Households. A Jewish household is defined as having one
or more Jewish people living in it; and approximately 96% of the
individuals living in Teaneck's "Jewish Households" are Jewish (the
rest being non-Jewish spouses or children). Therefore, there are
14,485 Jewish people living in Teaneck. Teaneck has a total
population of 39,260 people, therefore, the percentage Jewish is 37%.
In the entire area of Bergen County and North Hudson, the Jewish
population represents 8.1% the total population and it should be
noted that the percentage of Jewish individuals living in "Jewish
Households" is 87% in the Northwest area.