From: crshulman@a...
Date: Mon Jun 2, 2003 7:23 pm
Subject: how to stop a post on teaneckshuls

People often want to stop a post that they've sent on the teaneckshuls lists. Since the lists are fully moderated, the best way to do that is to send another email to teaneckshuls saying that you would like the moderators to not approve the earlier post. It doesn't always work, but often will work.

Where a msg has already been posted (which you would know if it already came back to your inbox or you see it on the msg archive) then there is no way to take it back (even from digest). You can of course ask one of the moderators to delete it from the archive, although that really is not much of a cure.

Also, remember that in teaneckshuls & teaneckshulsisrael replies generally go only to sender, but on teaneckshulschat replies go to the whole group.

Best solution, of course, is to reread your msg before clicking send. Hope that's helpful.