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Holiday Tipping

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Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 10:54 AM
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Emily Post responds - re customary holiday tipping

Wow, apparently this is a hot topic, although most of you just wanted to know what everyone else is doing.

General Consensus is- cleaning people get a weeks' salary, and it's nice to pay for christmas and new year's day, (if they are full time) and some of you even give two weeks' pay.

Although no one shared the babysitter's take, I assume that it should be slightly more generous than whatever you are giving your cleaning people.

Everyone agrees that it is against the law to tip federal employees ie: mailman but most of you give him an average of $20 anyhow (gifts under $20 are allowed), along with each garbageman and the paper boy and the kid's busdriver. Most of you do not tip the gardener, and your regular hairdresser gets the cost of one haircut.

Some of you give gift certificates or movie passes in lieu of cash.

Basically, the more personal contact you have with the tipee, the higher the tip ie: never see the paperboy- $10 vs. Kids wave at the maillady daily, $20

Thanks for all your input and "chag sameach"


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Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Emily Post fans out there?
Anyone have any idea what is customary holiday tipping for
cleaning people?
anyone else who expects a tip?


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Date: Nov 22, 2004 
Subject: Tipping

This lists tipping recommendations from the latest issue of Consumer Reports Magazine ... I will not address the halachic aspect of whether tipping is considered to be celebrating the holiday, other than to mention that some people prefer to tip somewhat in advance rather than at the customary holiday giving time.

3,100 Consumer Reports survey respondents give the following average tips:
Occasional babysitter $20,
Child-care provider $20-25,
Hairdresser $20,
Housekeeper $50,
Mailcarrier $20 (by law it should be a noncash gift up to $20),
manicurist $20,
Newspaper carrier $10. 
Consumer Reports also suggests that in-home child care providers be given a week's pay or more plus a small gift from your child.


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Date:  23 Nov 2004 
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] holiday tipping etiquette
Hello everyone & thanks to all who responded to my inquiries regarding holiday tipping etiquette.  Here's what I got for tipping info according to & last yrs. TS holiday tipping guidelines which can be accessed by clicking on

Occasional babysitter: $20
Childcare provider/day care: $20-$25
Hairdresser: $20
Housekeeper: $50 or full day/week's pay
Mailcarrier: $20-legally you should not give cash but a gift with a value up to $20 but many give $$ anyhow.
Apartment Doorman: $50
Gardener: $20 -although many do not tip the gardener
Teacher: $10
Paperboy: $10-20
Kid's Busdriver: $20
Sanitation Workers - Emily Post recommends between $10-20 per garbage man yet someone from TS told me that she pays $40 to each which seems high to me but I guess that would be the range ($10-$40 per guy).

I hope the above is helpful to all who requested this info!

Babysitter Vacation

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Date: June 28, 2006
Subject: Paid Vacation for Babysitters

In response to the large numbers of "please forward response" replies I received on this post, here is the basic info I got:

Some go up to 2 weeks paid vacation. Many said that when they take their own vacation, they pay her, and that's her paid vacation (like if you work in a school).
Some said they give 10 paid days, plus legal holidays, and it's up to her how to use them.
However, the most interesting response went something like this: If your babysitter is good to your child, and you trust her, do what you have to do to keep her. ... with all the babysitter horror stories you hear, thank G-d for a good sitter and keep her happy.

Hope that helps

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Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Paid Vacation for Babysitters?
So what's the norm. Mine just left for the summer, and told me that she is "entitled" to as many weeks paid vacation as years she's worked  for me. Please tell me what is the "proper" way to do this. Thanks in advance.

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Most ... give one week babysitter's choice (usually xmas to new year's) plus one week family's choice (usually Pesach if you are going away). If you take other vacation weeks and you like your babysitter, I'd advise paying otherwise she may find something else.

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One week vacation after a year...