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Date: Jan 20, 2006
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] What people have told me about: What to Do in DC w/kids

To all of you who sent responses to my request for DC w/Kids, Thank You!

For all of you (there were quite a few) who asked for me to post my responses, here goes.

Museums that are good for kids young and old:
1. Air & Space - touted by all
2. Museum of Natural History (home to the Hope Diamond etc.)
3. Museum of American History
4. The Post Office Museum (part of the American History it seems)
5. The Mint or the Bureau of Engraving - see Money being made (tours 9- 2:30 only)
6. The Spy Museum (Age 6 or 7+) people say a must see
7. News Museum - be on your own news set, etc.
8. The National Zoo - Home to the Giant Panda (and baby too)

Everyone says The Tourmobiles are excellent and well worth the money... get on and off at various monuments etc.

Duck Tours are out of Season (not open) but great if you hit DC in April.

If not a cohen, the cemetery is worth going to.

Our kids are much too young, but the Holocaust Museum supposedly has special programming for kids and the most horrific things are out of range of site for younger (smaller) children.

How to do things and other issues to consider:
1. The metro goes every where, do not drive past your hotel.
2. The Museums do not open until 10:00 AM so there is no rushing and they close at 5 or 5:30.
3. You can do about 2 museums (stopping for lunch) in one day. Three w/short attention spans.
4. At least one Museum (Natural History, I believe) has IMAX.
5. There is a LOT of WALKING so wear comfortable shoes and if you think you might need a stroller, bring one.

Kosher Food:
DC Proper:
1. There is Kosher food at the Holocaust Museum and you do not need to go in to get to the concession.
2. There is a restaurant at the JCC
3. There is also a restaurant called Elie's which is in the NW area near Dupont Circle/the Zoo supposedly decent.
4. Krispy Cream

Suburban DC
1. There are several restaurants, a Pizza shop, and grocery stores in Silver Spring (short distance away) 2. There are also a large # of restaurants including Israeli type, and Chinese in Rockville along with Kosher Markets, and a ton of Dunkin Donuts.

*** See the site below or Shamash,org

Have a pleasant trip.
- Suzy