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Sent: May 9, 2005
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] How to Prevent Identity Theft

In an update to a previous emails, in order to prevent identity theft, you can call Equifax at 800-525-6285 to have them add a security alert on the credit files. Enter your SS # and confirmation info so that they add a Security Alert to their credit files. They also alert Experian and TransUnion, and you will receive free credit reports in the mail from all three agencies. (Alternatively, you could call Experian at 888-397-3742 and they will alert Equifax and TransUnion.) You can review the credit files and mail in any disputed info to each of the credit agencies. Also, once the security alert is on file they have to call you before giving out a credit report so people can't get credit cards under your social security number. (See for more details.)

However, this only works for 90 days. In order to get a 7-year block on unauthorized credit, you need to mail a letter (separate for you and your spouse) re "7-Year Fraud Victim Statement". It should state you believe you may be a victim of fraud (if that's true) and must have your name (first, MI, last), mailing address, SS#, DOB, tel. # (evening and day), and should have a xerox of 2 proofs of address. You also need to include a police report of the identity theft (which you get by going into your local police station, writing out your story on a police report and having the police sign the report.) The letter should be mailed separately to:
Experian, PO Box 9556, Allen, TX 75013,
Trans Union, P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92834, and
Equifax, PO Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374

Note that this info is not easily available on the credit agencies' web sites. But they are apparently required to do this by law. See more info at

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