From: ems5984@a..
Date: Thu Nov 13, 2003
Subject: Wheelchairs

As there have been numerous requests for wheelchairs for a shabbos, for a weekend, for a walk in the park, I figured it would be of general interest to send out a few sources for wheelchairs.

1 - Mrs. Edith Blumenthal. She keeps all the wheelchairs for Bikur Cholim of Bergen County in her garage. All you have to do is call a little bit in advance to arrange a pick-up. Sorry, i don't know her phone number, but i am sure she is listed.

2 - The local ambulance corps (Teaneck, Bergenfield, etc.). I know that ambulance corps typically have medical type of equipment available to loan out to community members. I don't know the individual policy of each corps, so you would have to call them. Make sure to use whatever non-emergency phone number is available in your town, or the town you want to borrow from.

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From: crshulman@a...
Date: Thu Nov 13, 2003 9:21 pm
Subject: Non-Emergency Contact Info for Volunteer Ambulance Corps. for e.g. Wheelchairs
Regarding the volunteer ambulance corps in the area that Esther Malka referred to, I noticed that it's not so easy to get a non-emergency number for the Teaneck, Bergenfield and New Milford volunteer ambulance corps. So I collected that info at (or just go to and click #Community Links ) If you have updated info, please send it to me.

Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps
P.O. Box 32
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Phone: 201-837-2600
Emergencies: 911

Bergenfield Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Bergenfield, NJ 07621
Phone: 201-387-0102
Emergencies: 911

New Milford Volunteer Ambulance Corp
213 River Road
New Milford, NJ 07646
Phone: 201-265-3251
Emergencies: 911  (site down?)

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From: kfeit@j...
Date: Fri Nov 14, 2003 4:07 pm
Subject: Re: Non-Emergency Contact Info for Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Just to clarify:

The Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps makes wheelchairs available to Teaneck residents in return for a $35 deposit, which can be returned upon return of the wheelchair (or you can elect to let TVAC keep the deposit as a tax-deductible donation).

Unfortunately, there is no inventory of the wheelchairs so it is just a matter of timing whether one is available when you need it. The best way to reach TVAC by phone is by calling the Teaneck Police and asking to be connected to the ambulance corps.

If you know any members of TVAC, it can be helpful to ask them to check at the building for you.


From: matif@o.. Gwenn Peretz & Richard Normile store and lend out the wheelchairs now for Bikur Cholim. Their # is 201-287-9338.